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Working at height VR Safety training in Virtual Reality for West Sussex

VR Training is highly effective at training routine operations and emergency response

VR Training is proven to be more effective than classroom and e-learn

VR Training is more cost-effective and is ready to deploy
at enterprise scale

GW Pro Safety Bundle

Ready-made Hard Skills VR Training For Industrial Application
The VR Training Bundle Includes

Click the subject of interest to watch the video

1. Electrical safety
2. Work at height
3. Fire Safety (WORKSHOP)
4. Fire Safety (OFFICE)
5. Lockout Tagout (LOTO)
6. Confined Space Entry
7. Hot Work
8. Load Slinging
9. Maintenance Safety (Pipes and Acids)
10. Underground roof fall hazard assessment
11. Truck preparation for driving
12. Road accident with dangerous goods
13. Workplace safety
14. Scaffolding (Wedge Lock Scaffolding Assembly Training)
15. Arc Flash (Flashover) Training

16. PPE Safety

17. First Aid

18. Excavation Safety

All VR training consists of 3 modes: Study, Training, Exam, providing step-by-step control of all VR activities. Voice-over and visual guides included.

Headset support: Pico Neo 3, 3 Pro, 4, 4 Enterprise, HTC Vive Focus 3, Quest 2, HTC Vive (+Pro).

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