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VR fire Trainer, fire training for Comply Sense

Comply Sense's VR Fire Trainer is the perfect solution for anyone looking to learn how to fight fires safely. Our fire training solution is environmentally friendly, a great experience and safe to use.


With it's advanced technology, you can train in a controlled environment and experience realistic simulations of fire scenarios, giving you a true understanding of what it takes to fight a fire in a virtual world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, our VR Fire Trainer is the perfect tool to help you train and develop your skills.


A Trainers Best Friend! The best VR Equipment to go with any VR Device by far!
VR Safety Training


Our digital solution does not require any release of fire extinguishing agent. The VR Fire Trainer is a sustainable option for practical training without any harmful impact on the environment or human health.


You can practice your skills in The VR Fire Trainer regardless of weather conditions, time or location. This type of training reduces operational costs and is easy to set up.


Training with the VR Fire Trainer is absolutely safe. It allows trainees to practice in realistic virtual environments without facing a real danger and being exposed to toxic chemicals.

Learning Engagment

Learn to operate different types of fire extinguisher agents on different types of fires in various environments. You can retry until you know how to handle a fire while sharing your experience with other trainees.

Want To Learn More?

Book an appointment to view all of our VR applications or just the VR Fire Trainer by Vobling by clicking on the link below. Usually we will ask for you to come to us in West Sussex, but if you really would like us to come to you just ask us and we can discuss. 

Download a free brochure 

You can have a free brochure if you download here and enter your details, thiswill give you an email with the VR FireTrainer brochure. 

Book a free demo now

Book a free demo with us today, you will need to come to our office in Crawley, West Sussex 

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