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VR Training for first aid training in Sussex

Virtual Reality is image, sound, space and touch, the whole "closed" in the world of technology. By testing different situations in the virtual world using 4 Help VR, the participant gains the advantage at the moment of real occurrences.

Virtual reality allows you to reflect the conditions prevailing at the scene of the incident and this without any negative side effects of made mistakes. You train, consolidate and acquire new skills, thus strengthening your self-confidence and reducing stress.

4HELP VR First Aid Training

Increasing the numbers of potential superhero's
Experiencing enhances the self - confidence

The latest research on virtual reality proves that if we experience something in an unreal world, then next time our attitude in the real world will be more confident, the reaction to the threat will be faster and the action will be more effective.

The triggers that are generated in the virtual world are perceived by our brain as real. This translates directly to the level of emotions, and the experience gained due to new skills. All this without any side effects.

Together, we reach further

First aid training has a different dimension and level. Acquiring the necessary knowledge by the participants depends primarily on the predisposition, skills and experience of the trainer. That is why we have prepared a complete training program, using the latest technological developments. Our solution allows you to achieve a higher level of knowledge acquisition and training skills. Involvement of the participant and the quality of emergency services carried out translate into the survival of the injured people.

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