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VR Training for safety

About Comply Sense

Modern Safety Training
Our Story

Comply Sense was founded by a group of safety professionals who saw a need for modern, engaging safety training. They realized that traditional training methods were not effective enough, and often left employees feeling bored and disengaged. They decided to create a company that would use the latest technology and teaching methods to revolutionize safety training. Today, Comply Sense is a leader in the field of safety training, and we are proud to have helped hundreds of businesses create a safer workplace for their employees.

Our Mission

At Comply Sense we believe training should be an easy and enjoyable experience, every time! 

We take great pride in delivering the very best training from our amazing premises for businesses to have to make a safer workplace. Employee's love our training and learn more because of the higher levels of engagement among learners. 

We also supply VR Training equipment to companies and trainers to have a better training experience internally and for trainers to let their students experience the latest in virtual equipment. 

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help businesses create a safer workplace for their employees. We believe that everyone has the right to work in a safe environment, and we are dedicated to making that a reality. Our team is passionate about safety training, and we work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and trends. We want to help your business reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and create a culture of safety that benefits everyone.

Grant Pearce Comply Sense delivers first aid courses
Comply Sense were GDB Finalist 2024!
Grant Pearce Comply Sense delivers first aid courses


Safety Modules in the UK by Comply Sense

Peter Stephenson - Surrey County Council 

“I Work for Surrey County Council in the Post 16 Education Team. I contacted Comply Sense
about two years ago to ask if they could provide training in the Construction Skill Certificate
Scheme (CSCS) for Young People who were not in education or training. Comply Sense
came up with a bespoke course that not only included the Health and Safety training, but
oversaw the Young People all the way through the follow on processes and did not end until
they had the Green Cards in their hands. The Young People attending the course were
historically very difficult to engage in education yet throughout the two day course, you
could hear a pin drop in the class which is a huge testament to Darrens teaching style. The
success rate on the course has been phenomenal and life changing for the Young People
who have obtained the Green Card. We have run a number of CSCS courses through Comply
Sense and have more booked in.

I have also used Comply Sense’s Emergency First Aid one day course as a vehicle to help
anxious Young People back into the classroom. The learning experience, expertly delivered,
has shown them what they are capable of as well as giving them a Certificate in First Aid.
Because of the Young People I work with, I have been in the classroom every second of the
training they have received throughout these courses. I am very impressed with both the
delivery of the training and the intelligent way Darren adapted the training for our cohort,
e.g.: delivering the fire hazard training through a Virtual Reality platform that really enhanced
the experience for the young learners. I can’t thank Comply Sense enough for the difference
they are making to these Young Peoples lives and for being an easy, flexible company to
work with.”

Ian Dixon, Head of Compliance and Risk, PHL Healthcare

“As an Independent Health Care Provider we wish to deliver First Class Training to
our staff who in turn deliver quality patient care, we invested a large amount of time
to source a suitable training supplier.

From my immediate contact with Darren from Comply Sense, I felt this company
would listen to our requirements and deliver as promised.

Darren spent time to develop the courses we required and these have been delivered
with a high level of knowledge and student engagement.
This excellent level of training has resulted in very positive feedback from our staff.
Darren is always available to answer questions or to discuss further training needs.”

A superb company delivering First Class Training

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