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Combined Fire and First Aid Training

If you are used to working a 9 hour day, make the most of our first aid and fire training day. This combines both fire warden and first aid training courses in one day!

Combined Fire and First Aid Training
Combined Fire and First Aid Training

Time & Location

Date can be agreed.

This can be at your venue or ours


About the Course

Get your team trained and certified in both first aid and fire safety in just one day with Comply Sense. Our combined training day offers practical VR sessions using the VR Fire Trainer and 4Help VR first aid scenarios, reducing downtime and saving you money. Don't miss this opportunity to ensure the safety and well-being of your business and employees.

Course Title: Integrated Fire and First Aid Training with Virtual Reality

Course Description:

This intensive one-day course combines essential fire safety and first aid training, enhanced through the use of cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technology. Designed for professionals and organisations seeking comprehensive emergency preparedness, this course offers participants a unique, immersive learning experience that ensures both practical skills and theoretical knowledge are effectively communicated.

 Key Features:

- **Fire Safety Training**: Learn critical fire safety protocols, including fire prevention, identification of hazards, use of fire extinguishers, and emergency evacuation procedures.

- **First Aid Training**: Gain vital first aid skills covering CPR, wound management, shock treatment, and other emergency medical responses.

- **Virtual Reality Practical Sessions**: Engage in realistic VR scenarios to practice fire safety and first aid techniques in a controlled, safe environment. Experience high-pressure situations such as office fires, outdoor accidents, and medical emergencies.

- **Interactive Learning**: Benefit from interactive VR simulations that provide real-time feedback, enhancing retention and confidence in emergency response skills.

- **Certification**: Receive certifications in both fire safety and first aid upon successful completion of the course.

#### Course Outline:

1. **Introduction to Fire Safety and First Aid**

   - Overview of course objectives and importance of emergency preparedness.

   - Introduction to VR technology and its application in training.

2. **Fire Safety Module**

   - Fire chemistry and behavior

   - Fire prevention strategies

   - Identifying and managing fire hazards

   - Practical use of fire extinguishers (VR simulation)

   - Emergency evacuation procedures (VR simulation)

3. **First Aid Module**

   - Principles of first aid and emergency response

   - CPR and AED training (VR simulation)

   - Managing bleeding and wounds (VR simulation)

   - Treating burns and shock (VR simulation)

   - Handling fractures and sprains (VR simulation)

4. **Integrated Practical Sessions**

   - Combined fire and first aid emergency scenarios (VR simulation)

   - Role-playing exercises to simulate real-life situations

   - Group debrief and feedback session

5. **Assessment and Certification**

   - Practical assessment in VR simulations

   - Written test on fire safety and first aid knowledge

   - Course feedback and evaluation

   - Issuance of certificates

#### Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

- Understand and implement fire safety protocols.

- Effectively use fire extinguishers and perform emergency evacuations.

- Administer first aid for a variety of medical emergencies.

- Confidently respond to fire and medical emergencies using skills practiced in realistic VR scenarios.

- Earn recognized certifications in fire safety and first aid.

#### Who Should Attend:

This course is ideal for employees, safety officers, first responders, and anyone responsible for workplace safety and emergency response. No prior experience is necessary, making it suitable for beginners and those needing a refresher.

Join us for a day of comprehensive, immersive training that equips you with the skills and confidence to handle emergencies effectively.


  • Combined First aid & Fire Day

    For up to 12 people at your site or ours




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